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Alexandria & James


April 28, 2018

On May 17th, 1875 the first Kentucky Derby was run in the presence of 10,000 spectators on the track that would later be christened Churchill Downs. This sporting event is the oldest in American Sport and has been run every year without fail even through the turmoil of the Great Depression and World Wars. The event was based on the idea of the Epsom Derby in England, a national sporting day that represented the spirit of the country. After visiting England and witnessing the Epsom Derby Meriwether Lewis Clark (grandson to Clark of Lewis and Clark) set about to create the American Equivalent. He secured the land in Kentucky from a family member and set about forming the Louisville Jockey Club. The club sponsored the first race and the rest is history.

Keeping with the traditional running of the derby means serving the official cocktail of the Derby. The Mint Julep. And it comes as no surprise that they would chose the Julep- Rose Water (from medieval Latin julapium, via Arabic from Persian gulāb, from gul ‘rose’ + āb ‘water.’) for the Run for the Roses. Long before the winners were awarded with silver julep cups as part of their trophy, spectators were mixing American Bourbon with mint to abate the southern heat. Its said that Virginian farmers would even take this sweet rose and mint mixture as a tonic in the morning before a long days work in the fields. And though it was often served at the race, it took until post Prohibition in 1939 for the mint julep to capture the place of Official Derby Drink!

With the 2018 Kentucky Derby coming up next Saturday and last minute party preparations underway we wanted to share an easy spin on the time tested Mint Julep incorporating honey instead of sugar!



-Rose water (freeze into ice cubes)

-Fresh Mint

-Fresh Rose Petals

-Honey (Fox & Bee @thehoneytrust )

-2oz Bourbon (@woodfordreserve )




(Prep by freezing rose water into ice cubes) Bring water to a boil add mint and stir until leaves are wilted. Pour in honey and mix until dissolved. Strain out mint. Crush ice (or keep in cubes) Pour 2oz of Bourbon over then add the honey/mint mixture. Garnish with fresh mint and rose petals, put on your fancy hat, warm up your vocal chords for "My Old Kentucky Home" and you are ready for the "Run for the Roses"

Happy Derby Day From Aiken, SC!


Alexandria & James

#mintjulep #kentuckyderby #horserace #honey #honeyrecipe

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