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Welcome to our Honey Trust Blog where we will try to share what's happening here at Fox Nation with our two apiaries (Bee Island Apiary and Carolina Bay Apiary) our garden, and just us in general! First I'll introduce you to the us. We are myself (Alexandria) and my boyfriend James. Together we founded The Honey Trust to curate a collection of honey that tells a story about the places, people, and of course the bees that create them! We originally started beekeeping as a hobby and after completing our introductory course and keeping a few hives casually we both were completely hooked. Now to tell you the story of how our company came to be I feel it's only fair to first tell you a little bit more about us.

James and I met at Sewanee:University of the South where he majored in Forestry and I majored in Environmental Studies: Arts and Humanities. After graduating we moved in together in Aiken, SC to a property that James' family owns. We live in a tiny house (about 450 square feet), called the Deer Cooler that was at one time an actual Deer Cooler left empty by the previous owner. The inside was completely stripped and renovated, and our tiny house was born! It has only an outdoor shower which is AMAZING in the spring/summer and is still nice in the fall, and is OK during the winter..... as long as the pipes don't freeze.

All in all we spend the majority of our time outside with our two fantastic adopted dogs Llama (right) and Baila (left) who you will probably see too much of here on the Blog and on my personal Instagram as well as the Honey Trust Instagram. During the summer we spend nearly all of our time over at the apiary we built on one corner of the property near a naturally formed Carolina Bay also known as the Carolina Bay Apiary (so our bees always have fresh water protected from any runoff or chemicals). We fondly refer to our treehouse/workspace there as PONU because we built it atop a shipping container that has those letters on it from the shipping company that owned it in its previous life. While construction is still ongoing to complete the official office, we use the porch and covered area for meetings, evening fires, and yoga overlooking our bees and one of the pollinator gardens that is in the works here!

In addition to our apiary sites and the out-planting projects that we've started at PONU, the whole 1,700 acres that is Fox Nation (where we live) is a managed Longleaf forest with natural longleaf regeneration. To maintain a healthy Longleaf Savanna James has implemented a program of prescribed burning which allows for the understory to remain open and diverse with flowers


and grasses that our bees forage on. In addition to their naturally occurring options for forage, we are also in the process of putting in a 4 acre French- Style Pollinator garden that will have native species of flowers, grasses, and some small shrubs where people can come and learn about their local ecosystem and see bees foraging collecting pollen and nectar to create delicious honey!

James and I believe that in taking the time to truly get to know a place you develop a sense of stewardship and a sense of responsibility to that place. Our slogan "Beyond Stewardship" is what our goal is with The Honey Trust, to create those relationships and take them a step further and share those stories and experiences with all of you!

Because sharing the concept of stewardship is so important to us, and giving back to the land is so closely interwoven into our business, a portion of all of our sales go toward ongoing out-planting projects and education programs here at Fox Nation as well as at other locations. If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you come on back and follow us here on the Blog and on our Instagram @thehoneytrust to see what we're up to and don't forget to stop by the Store to pick up Honey Trust Hats, Apparel, and of course HONEY!

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