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We travel the Southeast looking for diverse ecological profiles, and beekeepers dedicated to sustainable beekeeping, so that you can enjoy tasting a variety of our location specific honeys.
Many beekeepers focus on flavor profile first (sourwood, tupelo , etc.) but our interest is in understanding the landscapes that our bees are foraging in, and regarding the honey as a snapshot of a specific place in time collected by bees and jarred by us for your delight!
We then take it one step further, by putting your dollars to work in our 4 acre french style pollinator garden!

Our Bees

Our passion for honey and conservation comes from growing our home apiary on 1700 acres of naturally regenerating longleaf forest and experiencing the changes in the honey over time with the changes in management.

The reciprocal cycle of increased diversity from pollination along with the changes in flavor and color of the physical honey made us excited to see what other ecosystems would produce!

At our home apiary we keep around 40 hives and focus on sustainable management in all aspects of the property.

Getting outside and experiencing our incredible world is what motivates us, and we can't talk about our company without mentioning in the same sentence our drive towards furthering conservation. 

We are partnered with several organizations for work in pollinator education programs for schools as well as our own pollinator out planting initiatives that are geared toward native species.


And because this is so important to us a portion of each and every sale we make goes directly to funding these gardens, education, and conservation efforts! 

To learn more, check out our Blog or shoot us an email!


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