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We are a family-founded, family-run company built on the idea that sustainable beekeeping produces the highest quality honey. Our goal is to share with you honey from our home apiaries as well as collaboratives with other beekeepers. These small-batch honeys differ in location and season as each apiary has a unique forage profile and weather pattern.


We sometimes get asked why our honey is more expensive than some other honeys on the market. And we can confidently say it is because we take care to put our bees as the top priority. We keep our hives stationary, balance them appropriately, and manage for hive health rather than on producing the most honey. Our honey is absolutely 100% pure honey with nothing added or mixed like (sadly) a large portion of the honey in our market today. 

And because we care about continuing to support the landscapes our bees interact with as a whole, a portion of all Honey Trust sales fund out-planting projects that focus on native pollinator species. These projects encourage the continuation of healthy honey bees and educate community members about pollinators and their landscape. Our ethos, “Beyond Stewardship”  encompasses the idea of awareness turned to action, and we hope you will join us in our mission!



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